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SPOTU Successfully Participates in Asia's Largest Startup Expo 'NextRise 2023'

SPOTU is thrilled to announce its successful participation in 'NextRise 2023, Seoul,' the largest and most prominent startup exhibition in Asia, held from June 1st to 2nd.

'NextRise 2023, Seoul' stands as South Korea's premier event for ventures and startups, attracting entrepreneurs, accelerators, venture capitalists, industry leaders, and ecosystem stakeholders. The event serves as a platform for meaningful networking, knowledge sharing, and the introduction of groundbreaking innovations within the startup ecosystem.

During the event, SPOTU captured the attention of attendees through engaging activities such as experiential booths, networking sessions, and productive one-on-one meetings with global companies. Our company effectively showcased our brand, core technologies, and services, resulting in the creation of valuable business opportunities.

Looking ahead, SPOTU remains dedicated to implementing diverse strategies to promote our company and foster effective communication. We will continue to strive for innovation in our product and service offerings.

Thank you for your support.


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