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We spot you! SPOTU

Make exercise easier and more fun for everyone!
We share a healthy life where exercise becomes a daily routine.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Spotu is dedicated to revolutionizing the fitness industry through innovative technology and product development.


We understand that indoor workouts, such as functional training (HIIT) and weight training, can be challenging to measure and track accurately.

That's why Spotu utilizes its proprietary sensor technology to automate data collection and recording, providing personalized coaching and solutions tailored to each individual.


As an AI-powered personal training solution company, we are focused on transforming the fitness industry with our advanced technology and products.

SPOTU is committed to enabling more people to enjoy exercise easily and joyfully, alongside a healthy lifestyle.

* A commonly used expression when asking for assistance during weightlifting

Our Technologies & Products

Spotu uses sensors and deep learning technology to automate the measurement and recording of workout performance.

SPOTU Personal Training Solution

Connect Solutions

PT Sam Connect

An IoT sensor-based AI personal training solution that digitalizes gym environments with easy installation.

PT Sam connect sensor

Universal IoT sensors

compatible with various

weight training machines.

PT Sam ​mobile app

Contents for customized coaching.

Fitness app for starters.

SPOTU ​wearable

Accurately tracks and records

users' movements and

changes of physical status.

pt teacher app screen.webp

PT Sam Mobile App

PT Sam
​Fitness app for starters.

An AI-powered voice coaching that feels like training with a real trainer, making it easy for anyone to exercise anywhere.


Personal Training





​Weight Management

Home Workout




Performance Tracking Solution

​Performance Tracker

​High-end performance tracking solution optimized for high-intensity training.

copy spoto screenshot.webp

SPOTU Analytics

Real-time performance monitoring, analysis, and video recording features are provided.


SPOTU Mobile App


The ultimate partner for high-intensity training, capturing and displaying every detail from movement and heart rate to respiration and body temperature.

Best for


Motions &

Rep counting

​Biometric data collection

Real time

HR monitoring

Haptic feedback



spoto-app screen.png

Our Achievements & News

Discover the latest news from Spotu,

the fitness tech startup that helps you create a healthier life.

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