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"AI-Driven Body Coaching for Optimal Fitness Habits" - Kim Youngjin, CEO of SPOTU

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as an outstanding supported company by the "2021 Sports Industry Startup and Restart Support Center Program" from Korea University's Sejong Industry-Academia Cooperation Unit. Here is a Q&A session with Kim Youngjin, the CEO of SPOTU.

What kind of company is SPOTU?

"The name SPOTU is a combination of 'Spot,' meaning to observe, and 'You,' referring to the other person. Our goal is to provide AI solutions that coach effective workout methods by monitoring exercise performance and changes in physical condition through our self-developed fitness wearable devices."

What was the motivation behind the business and ongoing projects?

"Unlike fitness devices that focus on daily activity levels rather than specific exercises, we are developing products that accurately measure exercise volume and capacity for muscle training and anaerobic exercises. Our aim is to help prevent injuries and correct posture."

How do you feel about being selected as an outstanding supported company by Korea University's Sejong Industry-Academia Cooperation Unit?

"It is a great recognition of our potential, and it has motivated our team members who have worked hard until now. Last November, we also achieved success by receiving crowdfunding of over $110,000 on the U.S. crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for our technological development. We are currently focusing on software improvements as we approach the device launch. We appreciate your continued support and high expectations."

What are your future plans?

"Our goal is to create an indoor fitness platform that caters to a wide range of users, from those engaging in simple home workouts to professional athletes and dedicated gym-goers. We aim to activate the indoor fitness community and become a comprehensive indoor fitness platform."

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