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The Sports Industry Rapidly Evolves with Advanced Technologies

The sports industry, once considered a prominent offline sector, has been rapidly evolving by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies.

AI personal training solution provider, SPOTU (led by CEO Kim Youngjin), officially launched the beginner-oriented health app, ‘PT Sam’, in mid-January.

The company's 'PTCoach' is an app designed for fitness beginners, offering a coaching-centered service that goes beyond exercise planning and tracking. It aims to provide an AI-powered personal trainer experience that allows users to accumulate exercise-related experiences, knowledge, and management. SPOTU plans to further enhance ‘PT Sam’ by adding features such as fitness testing and dietary management.

Kim Junpyo, the team leader responsible for ‘PT Sam’ development at SPOTU, explained, "‘PT Sam’ app goes beyond simply demonstrating exercise movements and methods, and instead minimizes user decision-making or choices. Through detailed voice coaching, it creates a feeling of exercising together, as if a trainer were right by your side."

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