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'AI Personal Trainer' System Created by Fitness Enthusiasts Draws Industry Attention

The system developed by three fitness enthusiasts, aimed at revolutionizing personal training through AI, is capturing the industry's attention.

Unlike typical fitness apps that simply provide exercise instructions, this system includes sensors that can be easily installed on exercise equipment to monitor workout performance and physical condition. By wearing their self-developed fitness wearable device, users receive coaching on effective exercise techniques based on the collected data, giving rise to the name 'PTCoach' for the app.

What makes SPOTU stand out is its proprietary gym sensor, a sensor module designed for weight training equipment. When easily installed on gym equipment, it can precisely record metrics such as weight, posture, and load, enabling quantitative measurement of exercise intensity.

SPOTU has formed a partnership with the largest fitness club in the country, Sport Any, and is in discussions to install gym sensors at key locations, focusing on collecting member exercise data and finalizing testing approaches. They plan to launch the full-scale service in early next year.

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