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SpoAny and SPOTU Collaborate to Launch Smart Gym Business

KD Sports, the operator of the largest fitness center in South Korea, "SpoAny," and AI fitness solution startup, SPOTU, have joined forces for the development and nationwide implementation of smart gym services.

To facilitate this collaboration, both companies signed a memorandum of understanding on the 8th of this month.

Under this agreement, KD Sports, which operates nearly 100 SpoAny branches in Seoul and the Gyeonggi province, will provide the necessary environment for development and testing. SPOTU, on the other hand, with its expertise in wearable and deep learning technologies, gained from commercializing products in the indoor fitness sector, will directly develop the smart gym solution.

SpoAny anticipates that through this collaboration with SPOTU, they can expand the smart gym solution to all their locations, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the smart gym sector.

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