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Eren Kim Makes History as First CrossFit Athlete in South Korea to Sign Salary Contract

Eren Kim (28), a national representative CrossFit athlete, has made history by signing a salary contract with SPOTU, becoming the first CrossFit athlete in South Korea to do so.

Over the past year, SPOTU has been the official sponsor of Eren, supporting his journey as a national representative CrossFit athlete. Starting from the following year, they have taken their partnership to the next level by signing a salary contract, providing dedicated support to Eren so that he can fully focus on his athletic career.

It is an extraordinary occurrence, not only in South Korea but also globally, for a regular athlete in the field of CrossFit to be contracted as an official representative of a company.

Eren expressed his gratitude, stating, "I am thrilled to be the first CrossFit athlete to sign a salary contract. I am grateful to SPOTU for choosing me and fostering a great connection." He further added, "With the support of SPOTU, I aim to demonstrate outstanding performance as an Asian and as a representative of South Korea."

SPOTU commented on the contract, saying, "Through our collaboration with Eren, a key player in the field of CrossFit, we aim to test the performance of wearable devices and promote our brand across various channels. We have high expectations for Eren to achieve remarkable results and play a significant role as a representative of SPOTU."

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